what do you mean this didnt happen






everyone watch this video of my dog gettin embarrassed that i caught him singin

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Armin Arlert needs a hug and the respect he deserves 


blublbuh <3

Let us all say a prayer for tomorrow’s episode 

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WTF Levi

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[fmab challenge] four deaths (4/4): greed

"I thought you never told lies! You can’t let it end like this!" "You totally fell for it though, shitty brat! That was my first and final lie.

Damn… I guess this is it… Man, both Ling and the midget totally made a fool out of me. That was plenty… Yeah, that was enough for me, I don’t need anything else. Peace out, soul… brothers…

What she says: I'm fine
What she really means: Buy me everything in the Welcome to Night Vale store
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kindergarten au where armin is that one kid in class who has the 64 count crayola crayon pack and eren desperately wants armin to notice him so the next day he brings in a 96 count crayola crayon pack and armin is ALL over him



based on [x]



well one of us is going to have to go home and change

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